Project part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) within the BSR INTERREG III B Neighbourhood Programme.


 Links to STBR partners

County Administrative Board of Norrbotten

County Administrative Board of Västerbotten

Regional Council of Lapland

Council of Oulu Region

Joint Authorithy of Kainuu Region Office

Finnmark County Authority

Nordland County Council

County of Troms

Swedish Ministry of Industry, Employment and Communications

Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications

Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications

Republic of Karelia, Ministry of Economics

Finnish Road Administration, Oulu District

Swedish Road Administration, Northern Region

Finnish Road Administration, Lappi District

Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Northern Region

Swedish National Rail, Northern Region

Finnish Rail Administration

Norwegian Railway Administration

Port of Oulu

Port of Luleå

Port of Narvik

Norwegian National Coastal Administration, Nordland

Norwegian National Coastal Administration, Troms and Finnmark

Archangelsk Regional Administration

Murmansk Regional Administration

BEATA Barents Euro-Arctic Transport Area


 Other links

European Commission

Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

BEAC Barents Euro Arctic Council

Bothnian Arc Association

Partnership of the North Calotte

Barents 2010

Barents Information Service

Barents Secretariat