Sustainable Transport in the Barents Region project
   Project organization


  Lead Partner
The STBR II Project is carried out as a single undertaking under the Lead Partner, County Administrative Board of Norrbotten.


Advisory Board
BEATA Steering Committee is lending the Project a strategic transport focus. The four members of the Advisory Board represent Ministries of Transport and meet twice a year.

Steering Committee
Established for providing the Project with a general oversight, it is composed of the Partner representatives and meets twice a year.

Management Group
Created for practical coordinating and decision-making during the implementation. The MG has one member from each country, four in total. Additional members can be invited to Management Group. The group meets every two months and reports to the Steering Committee.

Lead Partner and Secretariat 
Responsible for every day management and monitoring of the Project. They also provide all necessary Project information to Advisory Board, Steering Committee and Management Group, such as progress and financial reports, contract proposals, final reports, timetables and budgets of the Project. Information is provided through presentations in the meetings and on the STBR II website.

  Structure and responsibilities

The operational management structure of the Project is composed of the Lead Partner and the Secretariat (Project Manager and Financial Manager). They together act as the "Overall Project Coordinator" for both ERDF and external funding (Tacis) parts.

Practical implementation of the Project is carried out in the WPs delegated to specific WP Steering Groups, composed of interested Partners, for detailed planning of the work including subproject preparations, management and oversight. As a rule, WPs are defined as projects having either one or several subprojects and tasks with predefined budgets and timetables. Responsible Partner oversees activities in each WP. WP subprojects can be carried out by the Partners, but are generally assigned to external experts based on competitive bidding. In those cases, all external contracts are executed centrally by the Lead Partner on behalf of the Project and the WPs.

Immediate monitoring, reporting and evaluation of the WP progress are performed by the LP and Secretariat, who through close participation in each WP and their meetings have the best knowledge of the progress.

Each of the four WPs focuses on a specific mode of transport (road, rail, air and sea). The results of these WPs will draw together and discussed jointly on several fora, STBR Steering Committee, BEATA Advisory Board, as well as in many regional bodies. The Barents transport strategy will emerge in this process, which will then be adopted in the national transport policies and investment programs of each country. Furthermore, the information and proposals of the STBR/BEATA processes will be provided to the transport dialogue between the EU and Russia, which will also become part of the wider European transport develop


   Updated: 9/5/2006