Barents Hot Spots Information System
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The Barents Environmental Hot Spots

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CodeHot spotRegionSectorStatus 
M1Pechenganickel combined smelter, Nickel, ZapolyarnyMurmansk OblastIndustrial sectorNo informationmore
M2Severonickel combined smelter, MonchegorskMurmansk OblastIndustrial sectorNo informationmore
M3JSC Apatit, KirovskMurmansk OblastIndustrial sectorNo informationmore
M4Heat and power plant, ApatityMurmansk OblastHeat and power sectorNo informationmore
M5Kovdor mining and concentration combined enterprise (Kovdor GOC)Murmansk OblastMining sectorNo informationmore
M6Water quality in Kola river and Bolshoye Lake used for drinking water supply of Murmansk cityMurmansk OblastDrinking water qualityNo informationmore
M7Drinking water supply in Zelenoborsky-1 settlementMurmansk OblastDrinking water qualityNo informationmore
M8Mercury-containing waste managementMurmansk OblastWaste managementExcluded from the listmore
M9Scrapped ships in the Kola FjordMurmansk OblastScrapped shipsNo informationmore
M10Handling of oil containing wastesMurmansk OblastWaste managementNo informationmore
K1Gas emissions from Kondopoga pulp and paper combined millRepublic of KareliaIndustrial sectorExcluded from the listmore
K2Gas emissions from Nadvoitsy Aluminium smelter, NadvoitsyRepublic of KareliaMining sectorNo informationmore
K3Drinking water supply in towns and settlements of the Republic of KareliaRepublic of KareliaDrinking water qualityNo informationmore
K4Drinking water quality in the water supply system of PetrozavodskRepublic of KareliaDrinking water qualityExcluded from the listmore
K5Sewage treatment in PetrozavodskRepublic of KareliaMunicipal waste waterNo informationmore
K6Absence of municipal sewage treatment facilities in a number of smaller townsRepublic of KareliaMunicipal waste waterNo informationmore
K7Heat and power plants burning fuel oil and coal in the Republic of KareliaRepublic of KareliaHeat and power sectorIn assessmentmore
K8Hazardous industrial solid wastes and communal wastesRepublic of KareliaWaste managementNo informationmore
K9Negative impact of former municipal dumping ground of sewage on ecosystems of Logmozero and Onega lakes, Petrozavodsk cityRepublic of KareliaMunicipal waste waterNo informationmore
K10Stocks of obsolete pesticides in the Republic of KareliaRepublic of KareliaObsolete pesticidesExcluded from the listmore
A1Solombala pulp and paper mill, ArkhangelskArkhangelsk OblastIndustrial sectorNo informationmore
A2Arkhangelsk heat and power plant of Тerritorial Generating Company No 2Arkhangelsk OblastHeat and power sectorExcluded from the listmore
A3-1Severodvinsk Heat and Power Plant 1 of Territorial Generating Company No 2Arkhangelsk OblastHeat and power sectorIn assessmentmore
A3-2Severodvinsk Heat and Power Plant No 2 Territorial Generating Company No 2Arkhangelsk OblastHeat and power sectorExcluded from the listmore
A4Arkhangelsk pulp and paper mill, NovodvinskArkhangelsk OblastIndustrial sectorExcluded from the listmore
A5Koryazhma branch of Ilim Group JSC (Old name of the Hot Spot: Kotlas Pulp and Paper Mill)Arkhangelsk OblastIndustrial sectorIn assessmentmore
A6Toxic solid wastes in Arkhangelsk OblastArkhangelsk OblastWaste managementNo informationmore
A7Sites of former and current military activities as sources of oil contaminationArkhangelsk OblastWaste managementNo informationmore
A8Spent motor oilArkhangelsk OblastWaste managementNo informationmore
A9Enterprises of pulp and paper an timber industry as sources of dioxin pollutionArkhangelsk OblastIndustrial sectorIn assessmentmore
A10Stock of obsolete pesticides in Arkhangelsk regionArkhangelsk OblastObsolete pesticidesExcluded from the listmore
N1Accident at well No 9 in Kumzhinskaya fieldNenets Autonomous OkrugIndustrial sectorNo informationmore
N2Poor drinking water quality in the NAO settlements and townsNenets Autonomous OkrugDrinking water qualityNo informationmore
N3Waster waters of Naryan Mar city and its port discharged into Pechora riverNenets Autonomous OkrugMunicipal waste waterNo informationmore
N4Mercury containing waste managementNenets Autonomous OkrugWaste managementExcluded from the listmore
Ko1Emissions of greenhouse gases from Pechora coal basin / Vorkuta district (Old name of the hot spot: Greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere in the Vorkuta coal field)Republic of KomiIndustrial sectorIn assessmentmore
Ko2-1Cement Northern Company, Vorkuta Republic of KomiIndustrial sectorExcluded from the listmore
Ko2-2Vorkuta Heat and Power Plant #1 of Territorial Generating Company #9, Vorkuta Republic of KomiHeat and power sectorNo informationmore
Ko3-1Mondi Pulp and Paper Mill, Emissions to airRepublic of KomiIndustrial sectorExcluded from the listmore
Ko3-2Mondi Pulp and Paper Mill, Waste water dischargeRepublic of KomiIndustrial sectorNo informationmore
Ko4Communal sewage discharge in small settlementsRepublic of KomiMunicipal waste waterNo informationmore
Ko5Poor drinking water quality in many towns and districts of the Republic of KomiRepublic of KomiDrinking water qualityNo informationmore
Ko6Formation of industrial and domestic wastesRepublic of KomiWaste managementNo informationmore
Ko7Wastes of timber and pulp and paper industryRepublic of KomiWaste managementExcluded from the listmore
Ko8Coal-mining wastesRepublic of KomiMining sectorNo informationmore


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