Barents Environmental Hot Spots
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Hot spotPechenganickel combined smelter, Nickel, Zapolyarny
RegionMurmansk Oblast
SectorIndustrial sector
Reason for being a hot spotThe largest emitter of air pollutants, particularly SO2 in the Murmansk region; large volumes of waste water discharges, particularly salts.
Status in elimination procedureNo information
Environmental status in 2003 reportSO2 emissions to air: Nikel and Zapolyarny – 124.3 thousand t/year, wastewater discharge: 24.6 million m3/year.
Present statusIn 2011: SO2 emissions to air: Nikel – 55.3 thousand t/year, Zapolyarny – 45.4 thousand t/year, wastewater discharge: 13.3 mln. m3/year.
Joint projects 
Actions doneReconstruction and modernisation of production to reduce industrial emission discharge of contaminants.
OwnerOJSC Kola GMK
Address184507 Murmansk Oblast, Monchegorsk-7