Barents Hot Spots Information System
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Hot spotDrinking water supply in towns and settlements of the Republic of Karelia
RegionRepublic of Karelia
SectorDrinking water quality
Reason for being a hot spotIn many towns and settlements drinking water quality does not correspond to chemical and microbiological sanitary and epidemiological guidelines. Poor water quality presents serious threat to human health.
Status in elimination procedureIn progress
Environmental status in 2003 report37.7% of water samples met the quality standards for drinking water.
Present statusIn 2011: 91.2% of water samples met the quality standards for drinking water.
Joint projectsKarelian-Finnish ENPI CBC project in Sortavala town.i
Actions doneImprovement in the drinking water supply situation at Louhi settlement within the the long-term regional programme "Supply of inhabitants of the Republic of Karelia with drinking water" for the period 2011- 2017.

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The Barents Environmental Hot Spots Information System is sponsored by the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO).
It is built and maintained by the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland