Barents Environmental Hot Spots
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Hot spotHazardous industrial solid wastes and communal wastes
RegionRepublic of Karelia
SectorWaste management
Reason for being a hot spotAlmost 1/3 of 206 landfills in Karelia are illegal. Landfills are often located in green zones, along forest roads, contaminate soil, surface water bodies and aquifers.
Status in elimination procedureNo information
Environmental status in 2003 report67 million tons of production waste, including 66.4 million tons of hazard class 5 and 0.6 tons of classes 1-4; 0.5 tons of waste of hazard classes 1-5 were used and neutralised; 157 domestic waste disposal sites, most of which do not meet ecological requirements; indefinite number of illegal landfills.
Present statusIn 2011: 123 million tons of production and consumption waste, including 122.3 million tons of hazard class 5 and 0.7 million tons of classes 1-4; 0.6 million tons of waste of classes 1-4 were used and neutralised; 15 waste disposal sites registered officially; 290 illegal landfills identified and 72 eliminated; indefinite number of illegal landfills left
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