Barents Environmental Hot Spots

Hot spotSolombala PPM – pollution of specific elements into air
RegionArkhangelsk Oblast
SectorIndustrial sector
Reason for being a hot spotAir emission is almost 20% of total in Arkhangelsk, all air pollution with specific contaminates and dust originates from SPPM. SPPM waste water treatment plant treats both, its own waste waters and communal effluents. In total, it is 85% of total waste water discharge from the city.
Status in elimination procedureNo information
Environmental status in 2003 reportEmission to air: 8480 t/year, discharges to water: n/d.
Present status2011: Emission to air: 6200 t/year, In 2010: Wastewater discharge: 59.9 million m3/year. 2019: this hot spot will be divided into two/three separate items, more information will be available on January 2020
Joint projects 
Actions doneThe production of pulp and paper - and the emissions - were ceased in 2013. The wastewater treatment plant continues to receive part of city's wastewaters. Transferring of the ownership of the WWTP from the company to the city remains to be solved.