Barents Hot Spots Information System
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Hot spotArkhangelsk heat and power plant of Тerritorial Generating Company No 2
RegionArkhangelsk Oblast
SectorHeat and power sector
Reason for being a hot spotAHPP emits almost 45% of total contaminants in the city, mostly acidifying compounds.
Status in elimination procedureExcluded from the list
Environmental status in 2003 reportTotal emissions to air: 28 068.9 t/year
Present statusTotal emissions to air in 2011: 13 837.2 t/year
Joint projects 
Actions doneConversion of six boiler units and one water heating unit from burning heavy oil to natural gas
OwnerTerritorial Generating company 2 (TGC-2)
AddressTalazhskoe shosse 19, 163045 Arkhangelsk


The Barents Environmental Hot Spots Information System is sponsored by the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO).
It is built and maintained by the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland