Barents Hot Spots Information System
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Hot spotSeverodvinsk Heat and Power Plant 1 of Territorial Generating Company No 2
RegionArkhangelsk Oblast
SectorHeat and power sector
Reason for being a hot spotA3 Severodvinsk HPP (HPP-1 and HPP-2) is responsible for 95% of gas emissions in the city. HPP-1 is the matter of particular concern due to emission of 95% of dust. In 2014 the Hot spot A3 is divided in two parts: A3-1 (HPP-1) and A3-2 (HPP-2, excluded from the list in 2015)
Status in elimination procedureIn assessment
Environmental status in 2003 reportHPP-1: Total emissions to air 35 154 tons (HPP-2: Total emissions to air 13 933 tons)
Present status2011: HPP-1: Total emissions to air 42 058 tons. (HPP-2: Total emissions to air 16 893 tons. In 2013 the emissions from HPP-2 have reported to be under 3000 tons, after switching to natural gas)
Joint projects 
Actions doneIn 2005 and 2011, HPP-1 has introduced low-emission coal burning techology in part of the boilers. Modernisation of ash traps. In 2012, HPP-2 has introduced natural gas as a fuel instead of heavy fuel oil (mazut). This has resulted in significant reductions of sulphur dioxide and fuel oil ash emissions from HPP-2. In 2014, the Hot spot A3 was split in two parts. In 2015, A3-2 was excluded from the list.
OwnerTerritorial Generating company 2 (TGC-2)
AddressTalazhskoe shosse 19, 163045 Arkhangelsk

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The Barents Environmental Hot Spots Information System is sponsored by the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO).
It is built and maintained by the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland