Barents Environmental Hot Spots
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Hot spotJSC Apatit, Kirovsk
RegionMurmansk Oblast
SectorIndustrial sector
Reason for being a hot spotSince the 1st Report, industrial M3-1 emissions increased almost twice, with corresponding increase of all major pollutants. Some increase of waste water discharge is also documented.
Status in elimination procedureNo information
Environmental status in 2003 reportEmission to air: SO2 – 7.0 thousand t/year, CO – 1.8 thousand t/year, NOX – 3.2 thousand t/year, discharge to water: n/d.
Present statusIn 2011: Emission to air: SO2 – 6.0 thousand t/year, CO – 0.6 thousand t/year, NOX – 2.3 thousand t/year. Discharge to water: exceeding Maximum Allowable Consentrations on specific contaminants
Joint projects 
Actions doneReduction in acidifying compounds and dust emissions, reduction in discharges of organic matter and salts.
OwnerJSC Apatit
Address184250 Kirovsk, Murmansk Oblast, Leningradskya str. 1