Barents Environmental Hot Spots
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Hot spotAccident at well No 9 in Kumzhinskaya field
RegionNenets Autonomous Okrug
SectorIndustrial sector
Reason for being a hot spotA gas explosion occurred in 1980 during the drilling of well No. 9 at the Kumja gas condensate field, followed by an open seepage at a rate of around 2 million cubic m/day. In 1981, an effort was made to stop the blowout with an underground nuclear explosion. The accident and the measures to estinguish it have led to significant contamination of the area, today belonging to the Nenets Nature Reserve.
Status in elimination procedureNo information
Environmental status in 2003 reportMarine water contamination with seasonal dam destruction.
Present statusIn 2011: Occasional pollution with gas condensate springs.
Joint projects 
Actions doneIn 2005, the Ministry of Nature Resources of Russia decided to manage the accidental environmental damage by decreasing the formation pressure through gas condensate field development. In 2008, restoration activities were carried out.