Barents Environmental Hot Spots
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Hot spotPoor drinking water quality in the NAO settlements and towns
RegionNenets Autonomous Okrug
SectorDrinking water quality
Reason for being a hot spotDue to poor quality, drinking water supply is one of the most important tasks for NAO. Water quality problems mostly arise due to natural rather than anthropogenic reasons. The quality of potable water meets to sanitary norms only at one settlement (2% of the population), does not meet to sanitary norms at 19 settlements (86% of the population).
Status in elimination procedureNo information
Environmental status in 2003 reportIn 2007: 45.9% of tap water samples did not meet quality standards.
Present statusIn 2011: 35.5% of tap water samples did not meet quality standards.
Joint projects 
Actions doneIn 2009, the long-term target programme on Clean Water Supply of the Nenets Autonomous District Population started. Geological research and exploration of the ground waters have been carried out at 17 settlements; 2 water intakes have been constructed.