Barents Environmental Hot Spots
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Hot spotMercury containing waste management
RegionNenets Autonomous Okrug
SectorWaste management
Reason for being a hot spotMercury-containing used luminescent lamps (1.334 tons) are among the most hazardous waste products in NAO.
Status in elimination procedureExcluded from the list
Environmental status in 2003 reportAbout 1.3 tons of mercury-containing waste has accumulated.
Present statusIn 2011, 5 kg of hazard class I waste was formed.
Joint projects 
Actions doneIn 2007, the collection of luminescent lamps started. In 2012, demercuration equipment was installed and processing of used luminescent lamps started.
OwnerMunicipal enterprise Poszhilkomservis
AddressIskateley village, ul. Gubkina 1 B