Barents Hot Spots Information System
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Hot spotPoor drinking water quality in many towns and districts of the Republic of Komi
RegionRepublic of Komi
SectorDrinking water quality
Reason for being a hot spotHigh chemical and microbial pollution of drinking water is observed in Ukhta and Usinsk towns, Knyazhpogostsky, Ust'- Vymsky districts. Virus contamination has been found in drinking water of Usinksy, Nyazhpogostsky and Kortkerossky districts.
Status in elimination procedureNo information
Environmental status in 2003 report37.3% of drinking water samples did not meet quality standards.
Present status36.8% of drinking water samples did not meet quality standards.
Joint projects 
Actions done 
OwnerMinistry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Komi
AddressKommunisticheskaya st. 8, 167000 Syktyvkar, the Republic of Komi


The Barents Environmental Hot Spots Information System is sponsored by the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO).
It is built and maintained by the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland