Barents Environmental Hot Spots
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Hot spotMondi Pulp and Paper Mill, Emissions to air
RegionRepublic of Komi
SectorIndustrial sector
Reason for being a hot spotEmits almost 75% of total industrial emissions in Syktyvkar. Emission of specific toxic and organoleptic contaminants is of special concern. Responsible for the largest volumes of polluted waste waters discharged in the city
Status in elimination procedureExcluded from the list
Environmental status in 2003 reportEmissions to air: CO - 13 188 t, SO2 - 672 t, NO2 - 2116 t, H2S - 183 t, mercaptans - 70 t, dust - 2285 t
Present status2015: Excluded from the list
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Actions done 
OwnerOJSC "Mondi Syktyvkar LPK"
Address167026 Syktyvkar, Bumazhnikov prospect 2