Barents Environmental Hot Spots
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Hot spotMercury-containing waste management
RegionMurmansk Oblast
SectorWaste management
Reason for being a hot spotThe threat connected with the accumulation of luminescent lamps because of lack of proper equipment for processing. Since used mercury lamps and luminescent mercury-containing tubes, both used and faulty items, are the main contributions to the mercury-containing waste of the first hazard class and have a toxic impact on health and the environment, their accumulation is a reason to create an environmental hot-spot.
Status in elimination procedureExcluded from the list
Environmental status in 2003 reportAccording to the NEFCO/AMAP report, the recycling system for mercury-containing waste in Murmansk Oblast was unsatisfactory. There were two enterprises dealing with the processing of used luminescent lamps. One of the enterprises used obsolete processing equipment, and was polluting the environment.
Present status2011: 92,1 % mercury-containing waste deactivated.
Joint projects 
Actions doneThe equipment for the recycling of luminescent lamps has been upgraded.
OwnerLtd "Ekotrans"
Address184365, Murmansk Oblast, Kolskiy region; settlement Molochniy, Stroiteley st. 10